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Established in 2017, CAPAROL (CHINA) Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong enterprise that is professionally engaged in coating research, development, production, sales and technical service. As a global member of DAW SE, the world famous coatings group, we are adhering to the tradition of German quality and devoted ourselves to the new development of China’s coatings industry.

DAW SE Group is an enterprise managed by a chemical Ph.D family. Founded in 1895, the group is focused on the research and development of green coatings, new building materials and related products, and adheres to the principle of winning clients with product quality. Technology and innovation are the core values and successful elements of DAW, for example, in 1936, “emulsion water dispersion technology” was invented, which has laid foundation for cold water paint. Today, DAW products occupy the first place in the German coatings market and second in the European heat preservation market. The Group has 30 production bases, 50 subsidiaries and sales representatives in the world, and the products are sold in more than 40 countries.