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As the most famous brand of the Group, Alpina is dedicated to retail coatings market. In Chinese market, original products of Alpina are imported, so as to keep pace with those in German local market. 

Alpina is the special supply brand for OBI, the world’s largest home decoration building material distributor, and is sold globally along with OBI. In retail market of latex paint in Germany, Alpina owns 98% of the market recognition and has occupied the top-selling place for many years in a row. In Europe, Alpina has successively obtained certifications like German Blue Angel and German Rhine TÜV test. In addition, in the evaluation of StiftungWarentest, a German independent evaluation agency, Alpinaweiß won the quality champion. Providing high quality products to consumers is the consistent goal of Alpina, and we will conduct strict control over various aspects like environmental friendliness, durability, color and stability.