KRAUTOL brand has a history of more than 100 years in the field of professional building coatings. At present, the product line of KRAUTOL brand covers all kinds of products in building coatings. Revolutionary breakthrough in the field of building coatings realizes both the beautiful effect and environmental health at the same time. Production, sales and agency companies in Asia, Europe, Africa and other continents provide KRAUTOL full range of products and services to vendors all over the world. In addition to the high quality of products, customer satisfaction is also our primary pursuit.

As a professional building coating brand, the products of KRAUTOL not only retain the professionalism of building coating products, but also have relatively simplified classification of retail products, therefore, it’s a building coating brand especially suitable for mini-project of home decoration.

As the leader of product quality, KRAUTOL means not only producing and promoting innovative and high quality products, but also adhering to the production principle of environmental protection and low raw material consumption. For this purpose, our production base adopts the most advanced production process and carries out strict control and supervision over the quality of raw material and finished products based on our standards and industry standards, in an effort to ensure that every barrel of product marked with KRAUTOL logo becomes a symbol of high quality.