Due to its classic "Chinese Red" appearance, the Beijing Olympic venues attract more attention

Beijing's landmark buildings are clear and definite. Before the Summer Games from August 8 to 24, 2008, the Beijing Olympic venues have become a beautiful sight to Beijing's famous buildings and the general public. Designed by the consortium of Herzog & De Mellon West Design Co., Ltd. of Switzerland and China Institute of Architectural Design, the National Stadium is the main stadium for the Beijing Olympic Games. Crowds of tourists visit the stadium, affectionately known as the "Bird's Nest," the stadium is a classic architectural history.

In this project, designers have given special consideration to the application of materials and new construction solutions. This also applies to Beijing Olympic Stadium in the stage of "creation" and realization. Of course, also includes color design.

Innovative special paint


Here, CAPAROL is not a stranger to the designer. The company has long been successful with the Swiss architects at Allianz Arena in Munich. So when the designers found CAPAROL again, we were not surprised because Beijing Stadium needed a very distinctive bright red paint. From the back of the outer wall's nested steel structure, all walls are painted with this paint. As a result, this coating has made a significant contribution to the characteristics and outstanding styling of this new landmark. In fact, the company finally won the project not only because of the designer's recognition of our products, but also because of our professionalism in the industry.

The "new" red paint is mainly produced in Beijing, and almost all of them are being constructed by Chinese builders, but further professional identification is carried out by Germany. Since July 2007, 90,000 square meters of brushing work has been carried out, while providing professional technical guidance to workers. The team's four members are from CAPAROL headquarters in Darmstadt, southern Hesse, which includes application engineer Henrich Bombala. There are also Chinese companies involved in the project colleagues, they brush the workers for a period of three weeks of training. Mr Bombala said: "I've been involved in many projects, but I've never experienced a construction site of this size, with about 10,000 people crowding together."

Work day and night


Throughout the construction phase, four application engineers at CAPAROL (China) supervised the spraying operations and they worked day and night with the project manager, Mr. Ronald Bobe, to ensure that the spraying operations were carried out smoothly. Mr. Bobe said: "The best quality needs to be met during spraying." In this project, a special anti-cracking system was used for primary treatment, after which the coating was started. At this stage, special bright red coating is sprayed twice with high efficiency spray technology. This gloss paint was developed specifically for projects in cooperation with Herzog & Dromau.

Long lasting clean surface


For this prestigious building, the client demanded a coating that would withstand the extreme weather and environmental conditions in Beijing; withstand the mechanical stresses expected from the public and maintain the wall cleaning most effectively. This is a research project conducted by Dr. Robert Murjahn Research Institute (RMI) in Darmstadt. Through research, it has been found that various coatings with stain resistance and photo-aging resistance. With the special coatings developed and selected in this way, the competition from various coatings from different suppliers around the world is resisted. "Requiring long-lasting physical properties, low levels of contamination, high resistance to mechanical stress and high quality do not fade, without this fade, there is no guarantee of" red "durability, said Dr. Engin Bagda, RMI Manager. Special coatings for the Beijing National Stadium are renowned for their exceptional durability, anti-aging, fade resistance and stain resistance. This special coating is internationally known as "AmphiBolin".


CAPAROL experts are proud to meet the project requirements of this prestigious building. "After all, CAPAROL is one of only two German companies to receive construction orders for the Beijing Olympic Stadium and is able to supply all of the project's tenders," says Bobe. Jacques Herzog hopes "this building is like Beijing's Eiffel Tower in Paris." Anyway, this is undoubtedly a permanent landmark and has been chosen as one of the top ten architectural masterpieces in 2007.


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