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Dr. Murjahn Progress Award

(Dr. Murjahn - Förderpreis)

DAW Group of Companies not only through high-quality products, but also good at other aspects, for the coating business continued to provide quality and service. So Dr. Meng Yang created a prize to commemorate his 75th birthday. The award recognizes the many years of successful cooperation in the paint trade and has provided a paint trading platform to enhance the public's understanding of the excellent workmanship being produced.

The progressive prize of up to 50,000 euros, it can be distributed to multiple winners, and annual awards. Corporations, individuals, and training institutions receive this award if their innovative ideas in the coatings and enamels industry or their ideas drive the entire paint and enamel industry ground-breakingly.

Winning categories can be divided into:

Innovation and technology solutions


Apprenticeship and continuous training

Paint and design

Other initiatives in the coatings and enamels industry

In addition, the award can be awarded to other initiatives in the paint and varnish industry, such as special social commitments.

For more information about Dr. Meng Yang's Progress Award, please visit the following website: